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We make our services available for students and their families who need support in managing behavioral and psychological issues.

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ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis

Helping students manage challenging behaviors and live better lives.

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Psychological Services

Providing support in coping with psychological issues.

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Neuro-Physio Therapy

Reinforcing positive behaviors to eliminate challenging ones.

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Seeking help for psychological or behavioral issues can be a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one. So, we are glad and proud of you for taking the first step to help your child! Life with behavioral challenges disrupting day-to-day may be hard, but knowing some people care, like us here at TRUE KNIGHT THERAPIES, is the key. With our help, students can free themselves from thoughts and behaviors that limit them from becoming their best selves, access a non-judgmental and supportive space to express themselves, and work towards achieving positive change.

Our team will help your child feel better through psychological services, behavioral therapy, and ABA. We will work together to make your child’s mental health better, healthier, and happier.


Our mission is to provide quality therapy services to schools and help students achieve better and healthier mental health. We seek to become trusted providers of therapy services for children in our community and help manage symptoms to help them live their best.

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