Our Team of Mental Health Professionals

Our team of mental health professionals has dedicated consultants who serve with integrity and compassion to every client that comes to us. We produce quality services by hiring competent staff to deliver our care. Our clients can trust that each member of our team aims for the same goal; to help them see a future where they can live better, happier, and healthier. Our staff is ready to serve. Seek our help today.

Charlene Gregus

Charlene Gregus Founder and Executive Director

Lenora Hightower

Lenora Hightower, RBT Director and Teacher

Amber Sanchez

Amber Sanchez, RBT Teacher

JaMarcus Grace

JaMarcus Grace, RBT Teacher

Sammy Gregus

Sammy Gregus, ParaProfessional

Rachael Bradley

Rachael Bradley, BCBA

Martin Figueroa

Martin Figueroa, RBT