We Hope for A Healthier Mind for Students

Our services here at TRUE KNIGHT THERAPIES are designed to provide individualized treatment plans based on each student’s challenges or situations. We believe every student is unique, so we ensure our services are tailor-fit according to their condition’s needs.

Our services focus on working with students to help them be motivated to study, learn better, and improve their overall well-being. We offer psychological services, behavioral therapy, and more to students with behavioral or psychological issues, children ages five and up, and adults until 22 years old.

We offer the following services:

a happy kid

ABA- Applied Behavior Analysis

Helping students manage challenging behaviors and live better lives.

woman talking to therapist

Psychological Services

Providing support in coping with psychological issues.

young girl having a behavioral therapy

Neuro-Physio Therapy

Reinforcing positive behaviors to eliminate challenging ones.

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