Extending a Hand to Students in Achieving Mental Wellness

We are TRUE KNIGHT THERAPIES, the newest member of the True Knight brand. We are a team of dedicated and committed mental healthcare professionals seeking to provide services to the students dealing with psychological and behavioral issues.

Our commitment began when we envisioned a place of safety and trust for children; so they no longer have to deal with their mental and behavioral issues alone. We are motivated to pursue our goal of helping them heal and recover from their issues, knowing well how difficult it can be to study when mental stability is challenged. We want to help students address their issues early on, so they can develop into healthy and productive individuals in the future.

Currently, we operate within the True Knight Academy’s facility, making ABA available within True Knight’s neuro-education programs. Our clinic will be open soon, just doors down from the academy, where we will be available for our preschoolers who need a full-time ABA environment.

a teacher teaching child


Our mission is to provide quality therapy services to schools and help students achieve better and healthier mental health. We seek to become trusted providers of therapy services for children in our community and help manage symptoms to help them live their best.

teacher and child doing school works


Our vision is to create a safe space to help students with behavioral or psychological issues deal with their problems, assist them in their healing, and impact their lives through our services.

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You can rely on us if you need therapy services for your kids. Call us today or send us a message to inquire about our services.